Workshops at Rainbow Serpent Festival 2016

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Just got back from Rainbow Serpent Festival in Melbourne Australia. What a fantastic week spent amongst creative, transformational people, friends, family and colourful festival goers. During the festival I had the great experience of teaching two workshops, both with great outcomes.


Upcycling Garden Workshop

My first workshop was about Upcycling in the Garden. We focused on Zone 1 and how to get your backyard farm kick-started. We discussed the pros and cons of urban permaculture,   then got our hands busy and created a Pop-up Upcycled Garden for the Rainbow Permaculture space. Participants were given the challenge of reusing urban junk to make an edible garden. A lot of fun was had, and I really appreciate all the people that got into the groove.


Upcycling Pop-up Garden

The second workshop, Garden Goddesses – How to Make your own Beauty Products was taught with my friend Catherine Mason from BushFlow Herbals. People learnt how to make their own Goddess Spread, Healing Balm, Mermaid Hair Lotion and Coconut Body Lotion. We also spoke a little about the sustainability of natural beauty products and the harmful ingredients in commercial beauty products.  The workshop flowed beautifully and participants were very involved and enthusiastic.


Garden Goddesses Workshop

See our recipes on this link: garden goddess recipes

I invite you to join me this weekend at Earth Frequency Festival for my Backyard Alchemy workshop to be held on Saturday and Sunday (please check timetable for exact times).

Thanks for reading, commenting and sharing <3

Author: Laila Helena


  1. l0vegarden

    Beautiful darling! Congratulations 🙂 Here’s to doing the festival circuit! <3 Tropical Bloom?!?!?!?

    • DNA Reboot

      Thanks Nicola. It was definitely a beautiful experience. Look forward to seeing you. Xx


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