The Power of Seed Saving – A Guide for Home Schoolers and Gardeners

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You might be wondering, “Why should I save seeds?” Well, seed saving is not just about preserving the old varieties of plants that our grandparents grew in their gardens. It’s about taking responsibility for our food system and our planet’s biodiversity. It’s about becoming a part of a movement that values diversity, resilience, and sustainability.

A Little History

Saving seeds was a common practice among gardeners and farmers. Our ancestors knew the value of each seed and the importance of preserving the diversity of their crops. They would carefully select, save, and exchange seeds, ensuring a variety of food sources for the next season. You can read about Nikolai Vavilov, the hero of seeds here.

However, in the last century, this practice has changed dramatically. Large agrochemical corporations have stepped in, centralizing seed production and, unfortunately, reducing the diversity of our seeds. These corporations often focus on a few high-yielding varieties, leaving many traditional and local types to disappear.

Black tomatoes
Heirloom black tomatoes

The World Today

A fact that might surprise you: according to the Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO), about 75% of the world’s crop diversity was lost between 1900 and 2000. That’s a considerable loss in just a century! And it’s not just about the number of varieties. Hybrid seeds, which these large corporations often sell, can’t be saved and replanted, as they won’t produce the same type of plant. On the other hand, open-pollinated seeds can be saved and replanted, preserving the characteristics of the parent plant.

Our Planet

Seed saving is more than a gardening practice. It’s a powerful tool to combat our global environmental threats. By preserving the diversity of our seeds, we can help protect our planet’s biodiversity. And remember, biodiversity is essential for a healthy and resilient ecosystem. You can read more about how to make healthy plants here.

Storing seeds
Home storage of seeds

Community seed saving groups and small producers are crucial in this effort. They are the guardians of seed diversity, preserving and sharing seeds that might otherwise be lost. By supporting them, we are keeping our shared future.

Seed to Plate Card Deck

Before we wrap up, we’d love to share a fantastic resource that can make your seed saving journey even more rewarding. The “Seed to Plate” card set is a treasure trove of information for any seed saver, beginner or experienced.

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This set includes detailed instructions on collecting and saving seeds from 70 different varieties of food crops, medicinal plants, and essential species for a sustainable home. Each card is packed with practical tips, from the best time to collect seeds to how to store them properly. It’s like having a seed saving expert right in your pocket!

So, whether you’re looking to expand your garden’s diversity or aiming to contribute to our planet’s biodiversity, the “Seed to Plate” card set is a must-have tool in your seed saving arsenal. Happy seed saving!


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