The Living Sofa Project

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The Living Sofa Project makes everyone smile. It began with a simple phrase “Everything will garden in the end. So why wait for the end? Garden everything!” The Living Sofa Project attempts to send the message in a soft and fun way, that we are nature and ultimately will return to nature. Old sofas have been found and transformed into living art pieces.

living sofas

The Living Sofa Collection

My first sofa popped up at the Global Eclipse Gathering in 2017. I was asked to create a massive permaculture garden that reflected the beautiful temperate climate and native pine forest that surrounded the area. With the challenge of passing deer, elk and the odd squirrel, we created a greenhouse garden, sanctuary dome and a sprawling permaculture garden. Like magic, I found Craigslist, an online network and before you know it, I was gifted many objects including an old sofa. The mind boggled and White Rabbit Gardens was birthed. Rourke jumped on board and we created these gardens with volunteers and loads of love.

Global Eclipse Gathering – White Rabbit Garden.

You can see a glimpse of our work here. Build Series here: OE17 Build Series Episode 4 And yes, we were lucky enough to see an amazing solar eclipse.

Rainbow Serpent Festival – Love letter to succulents.

In 2018, I was asked to create the foundation for permanent Land Art Gardens at the Rainbow Serpent Festival site.  I found an old sofa and was pleasantly surprised to find that the stuffing was made from feather, straw and hessian. This sofa was a love letter to succulents. Their gentle patterns and shades of green and grey were interwoven with the kitsch pattern. Perfect growing material.

Ecocentro IPEC Brazil – Wildness meets wilderness

In Brazil, at Ecocentro IPEC, (permaculture reference centre) an old sofa needed some serious rebuilding. It was just waiting for a transformation. The sofa was upcycled into a wild and unruly sofa that was positioned in the forest next to the community kitchen.

Rainbow Serpent Festival – A fusion of Cristina Dejuan with our Living Sofa.

In 2019, I was invited back to Rainbow Serpent Festival. I was excited knowing that I was to increase the garden space by double. Cristina Dejuan graced us and made a beautiful mural that was positioned in the middle of the urban permaculture garden. And the volunteers worked hard and fast to beautify the area.

Earth Frequency – Lots of fantasy entwined in the gardens.

Earth Frequency Festival, 2019, was a fun festival where Laila, Rourke and I created a small garden with big impact. Cristina Dejuan once again painted a beautiful mural to depict the Red Moon Goddess.

And on and on we go, upcycling old or broken sofas into gardens.

We garden everything, and everything gardens.

If you are interested in having a Living Sofa Project pop up in your festival, school or community project, contact us.



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