How to Make a Solar System | Homeschooling Activity

Solar system styrofoam balls homeschooling planet schooling

Reading books can open up a new universe. This is what happened after my son stumbled across the book Universe on our bookshelf. He began asking questions, his universe was expanding. Teaching children about the universe can be exciting. There is so much to learn and the lessons can spiral into the future for mathematics, science […]

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What can I do with my excess kombucha and kefir?

So you’ve fallen in love with fermenting your food and making your own kombucha…but you suddenly realise that you have huge amount of kombucha, kefir and other yummy goods that are growing out of control and your family isn’t as big as your microbe family. So now what? Time to step-up your waste free living […]

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Have Fun With Vitamins – Kids Gardening

Feeding children can be like riding a rollercoaster. Some days they just eat whatever you give them. Other days it’s like a terror, as it can be close to impossible to get them to eat anything at all, especially vegetables. Children can become picky eaters for a number of reasons. Some children are simply more […]

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7 Essential Items for Waste Free Living

Plastic Free July is almost over but that doesn’t mean the effort to reduce and refuse plastic stops here. Great news is many people are converting to material bags for shopping. The Australia-wide ban has lead to 80% drop in plastic bag consumption. Now it’s time to step it up and move to other plastic free […]

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9 Ways to Teach Children to Love Nature

Children are naturally born with a sense of wonder. When left alone, many children often explore the world with all their senses. They may experiment eating mud pies, shove their noses into flowers or try to catch ants and other bugs. Many children will communicate their discoveries to those around them and demonstrate an affinity […]

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Welcome to Planet Schooling

herb spiral

We are excited to launch our new project, Planet Schooling. Our inspiration, our muse, is the Planet Earth. Once again we have been motivated to offer an educational option for aspiring gardeners who want to create a backyard farm, parents who want to homeschool, educators who want to support kids to ‘unschool’, and people who want […]

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