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Learn how to create a Permaculture living laboratory in your backyard.

Just like every household is a micro-economy of the broader economy, every household garden is a potential micro-farm. In today’s uncertain times, what better way to secure the future of our children than by equipping them with the skills to create their future.

Planet Schooling offers more than 150 activities aimed at children aged K-12. This practical guide is packed with fun and creative ways to construct a living laboratory in the backyard.

Whether your space is a balcony, a small backyard garden or a larger parcel of land, this book will equip your family with skills that will follow them into the future! 


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12 reviews for Planet Schooling Book

  1. Tomoe

    Exactly what I was looking for,to grow up together with my children. So many information with attractive activities for both little and grown ups.This book will help us to get interested in life, nature and harmonically living. I am so happy to have this book!

  2. Dani Wolff

    Such a fab book! There are so many out of the box activities to do with kids to get us outside & interacting with nature. I’m so excited to explore it all with my toddler as she grows.

  3. Sophie

    This book is such an incredible resource for home, schools, and the education of us all – both young and old. My daughters are loving reading it by themselves and together as a family I love that we are able to engage with each other and connect in a meaningful way. I can highly recommend this book.

  4. Megan

    This is an excellent and comprehensive environmental resource. It’s well organised and easy to read. Fantastic value for money as it has so much information and lots of thrifty tips. Highly recommend this book.

  5. Cindy Picton (verified owner)

    A fabulous educational resource for our current times. A book for anyone with an interest in our world and how they can positively influence it.

  6. Kornelia (verified owner)

    Great book! Many practical ideas to do permaculture with kids! And I really love the structure and the layout of the book!

  7. Izabela (verified owner)

    All great. Fantastic book! Thank you.

  8. Carla C. (verified owner)

  9. Cristian A. (verified owner)

  10. Anna (verified owner)

    Great service and fun book. Thank you :)

  11. Sarah Kirley (verified owner)

    I adore this book! It along side some others in our permiculture collection make for a fantastic way to create lessons for our little homeschoolers.

  12. TOMAS ENOS (verified owner)

    A great resource to launch our program in 2023

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What’s inside


Real photos of children in action living & learning with nature

Kindy to Secondary School 


Activities tested by children all over the world

Nature-Based with Permaculture Principals


I want to start by telling you that the photos in this book are real experiences. They are not staged photos with a professional camera. They are spontaneous shots of kids in action often taken with whatever device was closest. Other photos have come from the Ecocentro IPEC archives and the experiences of working with the public school system in Brazil.


This book is the sister book to Escola Sustentavel, or Sustainable Schools, written in Portuguese for Brazilian educators. After three editions and 10,000 copies, my friends demanded that I edit it back to English. While editing, I was slightly shocked by the change of data.

Planet Earth is constantly changing. For millions of years, nature has been changing and has developed an incredible variety of life forms that are undoubtedly interconnected. However, the ecological balance is being disturbed by human actions, and the Earth is facing changes on an alarming scale. As I edit this book, we are in the middle of the COVID-19 pandemic. Who would have thought?

Yet life goes on, especially if you have children.

The question o en asked is: How can we move from a health and environmental crisis to a sustainable future? A greener future for our children? A more resilient future for our community?

We are dealing with the profound implications of what is being labelled “a global problem,” in which social, economic, political and environmental issues are interlinked. They can no longer be discussed in isolation. We will spend a great deal of time worrying about reorganizing humanity, ensuring the improvement of the quality of life for this and future generations without ending the common heritage: the planet on which we live.

Many ecologists suggest that a new relationship with nature needs to encourage an ethical commitment that makes the connections between human and the environment visible. It is a partnership ethic, in which we will be able to nd new cultural and economical ways to supply vital needs, guarantee security and embrace the quality of life without degrading the local and global environment.

This book is an invitation to parents, educators and teachers to accept their role as leaders in protecting and rebuilding the environment.

Accelerating positive changes in the environment is necessary to ensure the continued existence of natural ecosystems. Mother Nature needs our help right now. In this context, as educators have two ways to choose: to omit us and not to act for change, or to use our power to intervene in the world, teaching planetary education and taking responsibility for caring for the planet and working to stop the destruction.




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About the author

Lucy Legan (M.Ed)  is co-founder of Ecocentro IPEC in Brazil, the largest reference centre of sustainability in Latin America, which demonstrates scalable models of social technologies.

She has played an integral role in environmental education in Brazil. A best-selling author of educational books on sustainability literacy, public speaker, and long- time ecologist, Lucy is passionate about encouraging children, educators and individuals to take environmental actions that will make a difference.

“Garden Everything, Everything Gardens”

Lucy Legan