Permaculture Garden Journal


Planning, tracking, and organising garden records year-to-year is a great learning experience for young and old.

These 33 printable pages, with the addition of a fun cover sheet, were created with the permaculture gardener in mind.

Simple to use and adjust to your specific needs, each page will assist you in designing, planting, harvesting, and maintaining your garden.

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What’s inside:

  • Action plan for my garden
  • Garden Plan
  • Base Plan
  • Garden bed plan
  • Square metre garden plan
  • Seasonal planting list
  • My weekly planner
  • Plant profile (2 models)
  • Seed Packet info
  • Insects in my garden (x2)
  • Pest challenge
  • Crop rotation
  • What’s in my garden
  • Garden Budget
  • Garden costs
  • Future garden ideas
  • Companion plants
  • Photo journal
  • Evaluation
  • Monthly planner
  • Seed packet pattern
  • Notes (2)


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