BEE Kind Garden Workbook


The BEE Kind Garden Workbook is an excellent resource for families who care about the environment. With this workbook, you can take constructive steps towards creating a garden that attracts bees and contributes to sustaining the planet. The workbook is user-friendly and flexible, so you can customise it to fit your family’s needs.

These 55 printable pages were created with the permaculture gardener in mind.

Simple to use and adjust to your specific needs, each page will assist you in designing, planting, harvesting, and maintaining your garden.


Download this journal and begin your living and learning experience!

What’s inside:

  • Activity – The planet is in our hands
  • Bee fun facts
  • Body parts of a honey bee
  • Bees in the Hive
  • Birth cycle of a bee
  • Inside the hive
  • My notes
  • The Hive
  • Activity – Make a beepod
  • The life of a queen bee
  • Queen pheromones
  • Activity – Make a bee diamond
  • Day in the life of a worker bee
  • Worker bee pheromones
  • Activity – Make a hexagonal prism
  • Day in the life of a drone bee
  • Drone pheromones
  • Let’s dance – Find out how bees send messages.
  • Honey facts
  • The science of honey
  • The colour of honey
  • Activity – Honey experiments
  • Activity – Honey profile activity
  • Activity – Honey Recipes (Sesame seed snaps, Honey ice cream, Thyme infused honey and
  • Orange Honey lip balm)
  • The hexagon in society
  • Activity – Hexagonal thinking activity
  • Stingless native bees
  • Activity – Design elements
  • Native bees need native plants
  • How to make an insect hotel
  • Design checklist
  • My notes
  • Activity – Insect hotel check-in
  • Activity – Write poems to nature
  • Activity – Action plan for a bee garden
  • Save the bees
  • Herbs and flowers for bees
  • Bee kind – plant some flowers
  • Activity – My Journey
  • Activity – Postal envelope
  • Activity – Hexagon card
  • Activity – Bee cards
  • Books to read
  • Activity – Make a bookmark
  • Activity – My book review
  • Activity – Make a seed bucket

BONUS: What is Permaculture?

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