You can now find the Planet Schooling Book on

Print on demand with makes postage much cheaper if you live in the USA, UK and Europe. This means the books travel fewer miles, lowering the carbon footprint.

Our next challenge is to create an eBook!

Slowly, slowly, we are getting there!

Planet Schooling Book
Planet Schooling Book

Where can I find a book?

So here are the links to help you purchase a Planet Schooling Book.

Planet Schooling Book for the USA.

Planet Schooling Book for Canada.

Planet Schooling Book for the UK.

Planet Schooling Book for Australia.

And in Spanish!

Escuela Planeta para España

Great reviews

I adore this book! It along side some others in our permiculture collection make for a fantastic way to create lessons for our little homeschoolers. – Sarah Kirley 

Great book! Many practical ideas to do permaculture with kids! And I really love the structure and the layout of the book! – Kornelia 

A fabulous educational resource for our current times. A book for anyone with an interest in our world and how they can positively influence it. – Cindy Picton 

This book is such an incredible resource for home, schools, and the education of us all – both young and old. My daughters are loving reading it by themselves and together as a family I love that we are able to engage with each other and connect in a meaningful way. I can highly recommend this book. – Sophie

Planet Schooling Book
Frog Hotel

Thanks for your continued support – Fast tracking to a greener future.


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