We take Coleman’s quote very seriously, “Information is like compost; it does no good unless you spread it around”. So we want to spread good and positive information around. We have been working hard to create an Educator’s pack that is both informative and fun. Posters, stickers, workbooks and eBooks to support your permaculture journey.

Permaculture Educator’s Pack

You can have it all! The Educators Pack will give you all the information and support material to create your permaculture living laboratory in your backyard. Perfect for Homeschoolers, Educators or personal study. The pack includes all the goodies below, check out the items below.

You can purchase the Educator’s Pack here.

We realise that some of you have a book Planet Schooling – How to create a permaculture living laboratory in your backyard. If so, you can purchase the pack with a book or without :)

permaculture education
Permaculture Educator’s Pack

Permaculture Workbook and Journals

Do you need a journal to help you plan out your permaculture living laboratory? Do you need a journal to help you plan out your permaculture garden? We have got you covered. Get your ultimate journals & planners here!  With more than combined 130 pages. Take a closer look into the journals here. The journals support creative and constructive learning. 

Permaculture education

Living laboratory Posters

Four Living Laboratory posters (PDF) that can be used for your journals, to decorate your classroom or for the garden space. Posters print to A3. 

  • Beehive Poster sets the scene for looking into the hive at the beautiful life of bees.
  • Bug’s Life Poster demonstrates how we are connected to insects.
  • Pond Life Poster connects water to everything else on the planet.
  • Worm farm Poster celebrates soil biology and everything about worms.
Permaculture education

Permaculture Garden Series

This series holds six book. Practical based with many recipes, DIY and tips. Combined page count at more than 300 pages. Have a closer look of each book. Topics include:

Permaculture education

Fun Eco-revolution stickers

Six fun eco-revolution stickers to stamp on your computer, textbooks, your car and the community notice board.  

1. One rectangular sticker at 15 x 10 cm

2. Three rectangular stickers at 7.5 x 5 cm

3. Two round stickers at 5 x 5 cm

Click here to have a closer look!

Permaculture education
Purchase the kit here!


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