Steps in The Design Process

The design process is a cyclic tour of straightforward methods that help you accomplish your design goal. This is a look at the whole process before we look at each step in detail.  

Define The Problem

The very first step in any design process is the briefing. The definition of the problem in a simple sentence can help the designer in the entire process. The fear of design is overcome when we define clearly the problem.  

Design Components

Design is a beneficial assembly of components in relationships. Consider the variety of components on-site, abstract, social or energetic. Design Components Recap Things to consider when you are planning and brainstorming your design. Techniques Strategies Materials...

Permaculture Action Plan

Research shows that creating a plan gives a sense of direction and guides action. By the end of this lesson, you will have tools to articulate your intentions within a framework that consists of setting up a series of goals. This process will help you recognise and...