Why is learning permaculture design with Planet Schooling and Ecocentro IPEC a great idea? Because we have walked our talk for over 25 years. Our educational team from Australia and Brazil, have over 50 years of accumulated teaching experience. We know we can help you kickstart your permie dream whether it be your backyard, homestead or farm.

Homesteading & Permaculture Lifestyle Course

This 10-week course is an interactive online course for anyone seeking to increase their knowledge in homesteading and permaculture design. It is packed with information, ideas and inspiration for you to learn how to design or re-design a home garden, backyard farm, homestead or community garden to be able to feed you and your family. Moving towards self-reliance and sustainability.

Check out what’s inside our course

Week One: Living with Principles

This week we learn how nature works and how we can partner better with nature by following a set of principles offered by Bill Mollison and David Holmgren.

Week Two: Design Methods

We are born designers. Permaculture design is a tool for thinking outside the box. It challenges how we can partner better with nature. This week we will learn how to design the life we want in harmony and balance with all living things.

Week Three: Life under our feet

This week we dive headfirst into soil. We will explore the beneficial relationships that support all life on the surface of the Earth. Healthy soils make healthy people, and we will learn how easy it is to create healthy soils.

Week 4: Backyard systems

Nature is always responding with green, despite all the destruction. This week we will learn about cultivating ecosystems and how can we create magical garden that collaborates with nature and produces food and beauty.

herb spiral

Week 5: How to work less for more

Did you know that 20% of your effort is enough to get 80% of the things you need to get done in your garden? With a bit of design thinking, it should be possible to get everything you need with a lot less running around.

Ecocentro green house

Week Six: Food Forests

Mother Nature has a way to show us that we have abundance at our fingertips with a Food Forest. This week we will learn how to make a food forest from scratch or to retrofit an old orchard.

Week Seven: Water in the landscape

This beautiful blue planet is about 71% of water. Only 2.5% of this water is fresh. This week we will look at how to conserve water, harvest and store water on your property or in your backyard.

Ferrocement Permaculture Water Catchment

Week Eight: Experience the Transition

How will we get from here to there? This week we will dive into the transition movement and talk about the 12 steps to turn your neighbourhood into a thriving community.

Week Nine: Designing human habitats

This week we will ignore the industrial building machine and talk about how you can make your own home, in any climate, using natural materials.


Week Ten: Conscious Green Living

This week we will share recipes for a conscious green lifestyle. Learn about preserving, fermenting and creating your own medicine from your garden for your health and happiness.

edible flowers

Live Q&A

The course includes weekly Ebooks, exclusive videos, LIVE Q&A and access to Planet Schooling Members FB Group.

During the weekly LIVE Q&A, you will have the opportunity to get your questions answered by the Planet Schooling and Ecocentro IPEC team. Week by week, we will connect by Zoom to discuss your Permaculture Action Plan (PAP).

By the end of the course, you will have the necessary skills and support to kickstart your backyard farm, home or community garden. Click here to read more:

Meet the team

Lucy LeganLucy Legan is co-founder of Ecocentro IPEC in Brazil, the largest reference centre of sustainability in Latin America, which demonstrates scalable models of social technologies. She has been teaching sustainable education for over 20 years. She has played an integral role in environmental education in Brazil, a best-selling author of educational books on sustainability literacy, and seed saving.  She is a public speaker, and long- time ecologist. Lucy is passionate about encouraging individuals to take environmental actions that will make a difference. Her quirky edible gardens have been tasted at Boom Festival in Portugal, Global Eclipse Gathering in the USA, Rainbow Serpent Festival and Strawberry Fields Festival in Australia. She is both a M. Ed and a Diplomat in Permaculture since 2005. Learn more about Lucy Legan here.

Since the beginnning of Ecocentro IPEC, Andre Soares has understood the need for permaculture design to be both functional, culturally relevant and artistic. This has resulted in the Ecocentro IPEC demonstrating various natural building techniques/models that are low cost, energy efficient, us
e local materials and are beautiful. Andre has been responsible for more than 8500 sqm of natural buildings and many replicable technologies developed with the interaction of communities that represent solutions for social transformation. Andre has taught more 4,000 students in the 20 years of being a permaculture educator. His work with composting toilets has been seen at Boom Festival, Global Eclipse Gathering, Burning Man Festival and Strawberry Fields Festival.  Learn more about Andre Soares here.

Laila HelenaLaila Helena is a homesteading naturopath and mama who has a curious set of skills. She grew up in an ecological centre that demonstrated sustainability is possible. Her passion includes reconnecting people back to nature and encouraging people’s innate ability to heal using ethnobotany, herbalism, functional nutrition and medicinal gardening. She has co-authored several books which includes Tea for Two. You can download the book for free here.

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