Call to action! Introducing our new permaculture workbooks and journals.

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Plan and organise your permaculture gardening activities and experiences with these printable download journals. Perfect for homeschoolers, permaculture educators, as well as the homestead garden.

The workbook and journals include everything you need to make your permaculture adventure more productive and organised, keeping track of your plants and the experiences you create.

We have four workbooks/journals available

  1. Permaculture Ethics Workbook
  2. Permaculture Principles Workbook
  3. Permaculture Design Journal
  4. Permaculture Soil Journal
  5. Permaculture Garden Journal
  6. 14 Rs of Regenerative Living

Download and print the pages, then bind, staple or spiral pages together to make a great little journal or workbook.

With a combined page count 135 pages, you’ll find many new experiences to share with your children or students. Here’s a sample of some pages.

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Permaculture Ethics Workbook

Permaculture theory presents three ethics to help us on our way to a regenerative lifestyle – caring for the earth, caring for people and sharing resources. What does this look like in practice? We have lots to discuss!

The Permaculture Ethics Workbook was created to support teachers and families to ask challenging questions to support a greener future. These 20 printable pages, with the addition of a fun cover sheet, help students to express their personal values and explore, with empathy, the values of others. As a result, the activities encourage children to make ethical, environmental decisions and act on them.


  • What are ethics (x3) activity
  • Permaculture Ethics (x2) activity
  • Partnership ethic 
  • Living ethics activity
  • Protecting forests activity
  • New world ethics activity
  • Ethics in your garden activity
  • The power of self (x2) activity
  • Creating a vision
  • My vision tree activity
  • Permaculture visioning activity
  • Evaluation activity
  • My notes
  • Monthly planner

Permaculture Principles Workbook

The Permaculture Principles Workbook provides a direction to develop the ethics of caring for the planet, caring for people, and sharing resources. This moment of design is when we are challenged to think creatively and find solutions to various problems.

These 29 printable pages, with the addition of a fun cover sheet and simple to use and adjust to your specific needs, each page will assist you in understanding the foundations of permaculture.


  • Permaculture Principles
  • The principles
  • Mollison principles (x2)
  • Holmgren principles (x2)
  • Compare and contrast – activity
  • Permaculture principles – Attitudinal (x3)
  • Resilience
  • Challenge – Train your brain – activity
  • Gratitude jar- activity
  • Gratitude scavenger hunt – activity
  • My notes
  • Permaculture vision – activity
  • Resolving problems – activity
  • Creating Action Plans – activity
  • SMART goals
  • SMARTER goals -activity
  • Photo journals
  • My goals – activity 
  • Evaluation – activity
  • Call-to-action plann
Permaculture Principles Workbook

Permaculture Design Journal

These 38 printable pages, with the addition of a fun cover sheet, were created to aid you in the permaculture design process.Simple to use and adjust to your specific needs, each page will assist you in understanding whole systems thinking whilst encouraging the designer’s mind.

  • Sustainable flower
  • Observe nature
  • Luna cycle
  • Moon calendar experiment
  • Mapping the sun in your garden
  • Sun map
  • Microclimates
  • Patterns in nature
  • House audit
  • Element analysis
  • Needs and Yields analysis (x5)
  • World wide web of connections
  • Random Assembly game (x4)
  • Sector and zone analysis 
  • My sector analysis
  • Zone one challenge
  • My space
  • My zone one
  • Evaluation
  • Monthly planner
  • Notes 
  • Cut-out


  • Principle cards x 24 (3 x pages)
Permaculture design
Permaculture Design Journal

Permaculture Soil Journal

The Permaculture Soil Journal promotes the restoration of the Earth with sustainable practices of gardening and soil maintenance, which can be acted upon at any age.

These 33 printable pages, with the addition of a fun cover sheet, were created to aid you in documenting the soil building process. Simple to use and adjust to your specific needs, each page will assist you in understanding the importance of soil in your permaculture garden.

What’s inside:

  • Living soil notes
  • Ethics of soil notes
  • What can we do?
  • Becoming a soil scientist
  • Soil profile (x2) – activity
  • Soil description (x2) – activity
  • Jar test (x2) – activity
  • Soil triangle – activity
  • Ball test activity
  • Hole test (x2) – activity
  • pH notes
  • Testing pH – activity
  • Soil detective – activity
  • Action plan for soil building – activity
  • Plant health
  • Compost notes
  • Making notes
  • Compost pile plan – activity
  • Making a compost pile – activity
  • Compost pile – activity
  • FAQ
  • Traditional paint notes
  • Soil colour chart – activity
  • Evaluation – activity
  • Call-to-action planner
  • Notes
Permaculture garden
Permaculture soil journal

Permaculture Garden Journal

The Permaculture Garden Journal was created to support teachers and families working towards a greener future. Planning, tracking, and organising organic garden records year-to-year is a great learning experience for young and old.

These 37 printable pages, with the addition of a fun cover sheet, were created with the permaculture gardener in mind. Simple to use and adjust to your specific needs, each page will assist you in designing, planting, harvesting, and maintaining your garden.

Whether creating a garden on a balcony, a small backyard or a larger parcel of land, this journal will support your family with nature findings.

Permaculture garden
Permaculture garden journal


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Planet Schooling supports copyright. Copyright fuels creativity, encourages diverse voices, and creates a vibrant culture. Thank you for buying an authorised edition of the Permaculture Workbook and Journals. You support the creators and allow Planet Schooling to continue producing material for a greener future for all generations.

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