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Online Course 10 weeks (with PDC certification)

This 10-week course is an interactive online course for anyone seeking to increase their knowledge in homesteading and permaculture design. It is packed with information, ideas and inspiration for you to learn how to design or re-design a home garden, backyard farm, homestead or community garden to be able to feed you and your family. Moving towards self-reliance and sustainability.

Enrolments Now Open 2021

Back your dream with a Permaculture Action Plan (PAP), the tool you need to move from impossible to I’m possible.

10 weeks of interactive learning

No matter how you like to learn. Planet Schooling

Our Permaculture course is suitable for all types of learners. We will support you in creating your design with practical, auditory, visual and 1:1 learning. This includes weekly Ebooks, exclusive videos, LIVE Q&A and access to Planet Schooling Members FB Group.

During the weekly LIVE Q&A, you will have the opportunity to have your questions answered by the Planet Schooling team. Week by week, we will connect by Zoom to discuss your Permaculture Action Plan (PAP) along with your educational plan.

By the end of the course you have the necessary skills and support to kickstart your backyard farm, home or community garden.


10 downloadable eBooklets

Easy to follow, information dense booklets with approximately 30-50 pages long.

The course includes weekly Ebooks on topics that are covered during the week. PDF downloads and charts will also be available to help you with your learning process.

At the end of the course, we will also support you in creating permaculture experiences for your child/ren, with a bonus Ebook Curriculum Connections.

Over 50 years of combined knowledge

Founders of Ecocentro IPEC, Brazil’s largest and pioneering reference centre for sustainability.

Why is learning permaculture design with Planet Schooling and Ecocentro IPEC a great idea? Because we have walked our talk for over 25 years. Our educational team from Australia and Brazil, have over 50 years of accumulated teaching experience. We know we can help you kickstart your permaculture dream whether it be your backyard, homestead or farm.

Planet Schooling Team

Here’s what you will learn

Week 1 : Living with principles

This week we will discover how nature works in balance. Learn how we can partner better with nature by following a set of principles offered by Bill Mollison and David Holmgren.


Week 2 : Design methods

We are born designers. Permaculture design is a tool for thinking outside the box. It challenges how we can partner better with nature. This week we will learn how to design the life we want in harmony and balance with all living things.


Week 3 : Life under our feet

This week we dive headfirst into soil. We will explore the beneficial relationships that support all life on the surface of the Earth. Healthy soils make healthy people, and we will learn how easy it is to create healthy soils.


Week 4 : Speeding up the process

Nature is always responding with green, even despite all the destruction. This week we will learn about cultivating ecosystems and how we can create a magical garden that collaborates with nature and produces food and beauty.


Week 5 : How to work for less

Did you know that 20% of your effort is enough to get 80% of the things you need to get done? With a bit of design thinking, it should be possible to get everything we need with a lot less running around.


Week 6 : Food forests

Mother Nature has a way of showing us that we have abundance at our fingertips with Food Forests. This week we will learn how to make a food forest from scratch or to retrofit an old orchard.


Week 7 : Water in the landscapes

This beautiful blue planet is about 71% of water. Only 2.5% of this water is fresh. This week we will look at how to conserve water, harvest and store water on your property or backyard.


Week 8 : Experience the transition

How will we get from here to there? This week we will dive into the transition movement and talk about the 12 steps to turn your neighbourhood into a thriving community.


Week 9 : Make your own house

This week we will ignore the industrial building machine and talk about how you can make your own home, in any climate.


Week 10 : Conscious green living

This week we will share recipes for a conscious green lifestyle. Learn about preserving, fermenting and creating your own medicine from your garden.


Bonus Week : Curriculum connections

This week is offered for teachers, educators and parents who are interested in turning their outdoor space into an educational hub.

Lucy Legan

Lucy Legan


Lucy Legan has been teaching sustainable education for over 20 years. She has played an integral role in environmental education in Brazil, a best-selling author of educational books on sustainability literacy, public speaker, and long- time ecologist. Author of Planet Schooling book.

Andre Soares


Since the beginnning of Ecocentro IPEC, Andre Soares has understood the need for permaculture design to be both functional, culturally relevant and artistic. This has resulted in the Ecocentro IPEC demonstrating various natural building techniques/models that are low cost, energy efficient, us
e local materials and are beautiful. Andre has been responsible for more than 8500sqm of natural buildings and many replicable technologies developed with the interaction of communities that represent solutions for social transformation. Andre has taught more 4,000 students in the 20 years of being a permaculture educator. His work with composting toilets has been seen at Boom Festival, Global Eclipse Gathering, Burning Man Festival and Strawberry Fields Festival. 

Laila Helena


Laila Helena is a naturopath and ethnobotanist who has had a lifetime of sustainability. As a child traveller, she experienced homeschooling first hand. Laila happily shares her experiences with parents wanting to homeschool.

Guest Speakers

Zoom Catch Ups

Throughout the course you will get to meet several of our worldwide Permaculture collegues. 

What’s Included

  • The course includes weekly eBooklets, which can be downloaded to assist you in your transition and learning.
  • Access to exclusive videos that will get updated yearly. 
  • Weekly LIVE Q&A where you will have the opportunity to get your questions answered by the Planet Schooling and Ecocentro IPEC team. Week by week, we will connect by Zoom to discuss your Permaculture Action Plan (PAP).
  • Access to Planet Schooling Members area where you get to chat with your colleagues and share your experiences.
  • Weekly suggestions and guidance for your individualised Permaculture Action Plan (PAP), helping you move towards resilience and sustainability.

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