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A little bit of organisation goes a long way, especially when you are starting a Homeschooling project or want to add more resources to your permaculture toolbox.

So, we have decided to organise our articles, resources and freebies for you! More than 80 useful links!

Laila Helena from Oh Healthy Baby has added some great articles under the title of Mama and Baby Health.

Check this page regularly, as we will add more articles, resources, and freebies as time passes.

Have a great New Year.


Permaculture Gardening
Permaculture Gardening

How to make a Mandala Garden

Vertical Pallet Gardens

10 easy to grow vegetables for the little gardener

How to make a Keyhole Garden

Create an edible balcony with a container garden

Vertical growing ideas for small gardens

Turning a Lawn into a Lunch

5 tips for healthy plants

Gardening With The Moon

Adding a water element to your garden

How to make a labyrinth garden

Garden Designs and Techniques Ebook

Soil Stuff

Soil stuff
Make soil from kitchen scraps

The humble earthworm

How to convert your trash bin into a worm farm

How to make a really cheap worm farm

What is wrong with my worm farm? Common Questions Answered

How to make a worm observatory

Funky Fridge? Make A Natural Fertilizer

We make soil! The art of composting in a toilet

How to compost for waste free living

Permaculture Soil Journal

How to make natural fertilizers Ebook

Building soil with worms Ebook

How to make healthy soil Ebook


Heritage seeds
Heritage seeds

Nikolai Vavilov – Hero of Seeds

The Power of Seed Saving – A Guide for Home Schoolers and Gardeners

Easy Seed Saving Tips

Seed to Plate 70-Card Deck with Guidebook


Butterfly gardens
Butterfly gardens

How to make an insect hotel

How to make a Butterfly Garden

Integrated Pest Management Ebook

Upcycling Art Projects

Upcycling Projects
Upcycling Projects

How to make mosaic stepping stones

How to art-cycle with nature

How to make concrete teddy bears

Fun gardens to make with kids

There is No Planet B – 14Rs of Regenerative Living Workbook

What can I do with my soft plastics?

Permaculture Ethics and Principles

Permaculture Ethics and Principles
Permaculture Ethics and Principles

Bill Mollison’s Classic 1981 Permaculture Design Course pamphlets

How kids are designing their future with permaculture

Add Permaculture to your toolbox – pathway to sustainability

Create an Environmental Ethic with Gardening

Take it personally

The 10 R’s of Sustainable Living

The Buddha Connection

Could you be the solution to saving the planet?

What are Social Technologies?

14 Rs of Sustainable and Regenerative Living

Permaculture Design Journal

Permaculture Principles Journal

Permaculture Ethics Journal

Permaculture Living

Permaculture Living
Permaculture Living

Earth Friendly Gift Ideas for the Whole Family

Garden Everything, Everything Gardens

Tips for coping with Eco-anxiety

Practical and Easy Tips to Overcome Anxiety

How to Make Hand Sanitiser Gel

Change Your Feelings with Colour

9 Reasons to go Organic – Conscious Green Mama

How to grow an eco-dog

Permaculture Kitchen

Permaculture Kitchen
Permaculture Kitchen

How to make natural ketchup for waste free living

How to make a haybox – slow cooking in style

Spring detox done right! Or is there such a thing?

The Importance of Vitamin D in Immune Function

5 Ways to Save Money on Your Groceries Bill Without Compromising Nutrition

Baby’s first bone broth recipe, benefits & more

How to make Aloe vera gel

Natural building

Superadobe = Teamwork

How to build with Superabode

How to make a rocket stove with children

Our inspiration in Brazil – Ecocentro IPEC

How to make a ferrocement water tank Ebook



How to start Homeschooling your children

From Birth to Graduation: Parents as Lifelong Homeschoolers

How Earth Day Enhances Education for Homeschoolers

10 Fun Earth Day Activities for Homeschoolers and Educators: Let’s Get Green Together!

Celebrate Earth Day Every Day: Simple Steps for Homeschooling Families

How do I teach my children to love and care for nature?

Mama and Baby Health

Baby Health

FREEBIE: 5 Simple Steps to Starting Solids

5 Ways to Support Your Immune System while Pregnant

D-MANNOSE in the treatment of UTIs during pregnancy

Your Baby’s First 1000 Days

Gassy, crying baby, with explosive and frothy poo. Could it be lactose overload?

Baby-led Approach to Starting Solids

Support Your Baby’s Microbiome After Cesarean Birth

Introducing the Top 9 allergenic foods


Permaculture journals Homeschooling
Permaculture journals and workbooks

Call to action! Introducing our new permaculture workbooks and journals

Sustainable Solutions Series launched

Permaculture Educator’s Pack

Permaculture garden journal

Planet Schooling Book now on Amazon



Free Printable Activities – for our fast charging world

Planet Schooling support materials for journals and workbooks

Planet Schooling Curriculum Connections

Loving Life Journal



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