25 Years of Sustainability

Much of our inspiration comes from Ecocentro IPEC in Brazil. Ecocentro IPEC is a living and learning community that incorporates alternatives of appropriate technologies and living systems. It presents practical solutions with more than 8.500 square metres of ecological buildings, composting toilets, biological wastewater treatment, ecological gardens, food forests and renewable energy systems.

Strawbale natural building

Strawbale building

Since the beginning of Ecocentro IPEC, we have understood the need for permaculture design to be functional, culturally relevant and artistic. As a result, we have taken inspiration from great designers such as Gaudi, Hassan Fathy, Frank Lloyd Wright and the historical wonders of settlement design like the Incas, the Persians and the Sub Saharan tribes. And most of all, from nature.

Superadobe and Earth bag building

Community kitchen made primarily from superadobe.