Earth Friendly Gift Ideas for the Whole Family

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Are you feeling overwhelmed with the idea of facing Christmas shopping this year? Are you tired of over consumerism and want something different? Well, read on. This post covers all the fun, beautiful, ethical and ecologically friendly presents that you can give your entire family. There is something here for everyone.

Gifting Memories

Gifting memories is at the top of my list. There is nothing more special than creating memorable times with loved ones. So often, people forget to treat themselves to experiences that bring them joy or help them grow. Who in your family needs this?

Ideas: experiences, memberships, courses, event tickets, a holiday away, etc.

Gifting Your Time

Most people feel overwhelmed with their busy schedules; offering family members and friends, a Time Voucher can be one of the most helpful things you could give this Christmas. Think of that special friend who has just had a baby and needs some help. Or maybe a Grandparent that needs a little extra love. Encourage children to make a Time Voucher to share their time with loves ones. 

Ideas: babysitting, walking the dog, helping with renovations, cooking a friend some meals or garden working bees,

The Gift of Health

Do you have a family member or friend who you know is needed some help getting their health back on track? Maybe one of your mama’s friends or your mum needs a special self-care day. Connect with local Naturopaths or Wellness centres. Lahe Wellness offers consultations online for people that can’t travel.

Ideas: consultation with a naturopath to get their health back on track, a day at the spa, a facial or massage, an acupuncture session or maybe something unique like craniosacral session.

Gift Plants

Gift Seeds, Plants & Trees

Are you worried about the future? Or maybe you know someone is feeling a little eco-anxiety—what better gift than an indoor plant or a fruit tree to plant. Seed balls are also fun for the urban gardener.

Ideas: indoor plants, flower and food seeds, flower pots, trees, fruit trees


If you feel grateful and want to share the love, why not donate. So many people have started using social media platforms to contribute to their favourite non-profit organisations. This is a beautiful act of sharing love.
Planet Schooling donates books to those in need. If you would like to donate a book to the custodians of the Amazon, we send books to Indigenous communities in Peru, Bolivia, Brazil, Colombia.

Ideas: Planet Schooling, Sea Shepherd, Greenpeace and so on.

Upcycled frame


Repurposing old items to make upcycled art pieces can be lots of fun! Handmade gifts have a special place in the heart. Not only are people seeing the effort you have gone into upcycling something they are also receiving a little of you.

Ideas: repurpose old toys, furniture, paintings, clothes, pot plants, bicycles, and so on.

Pre-loved Gifts

Pre-loved gifts are the new black! Don’t let the algorithm robot trick you into buying a shining new product. When you choose a pre-loved gift with the same beautiful intention, it is just as unique as a new gift, if not better.
You can buy pre-loved items from local markets, eBay, Marketplace and Gumtree.

Ideas: Sometimes dolls need a hairbrush or a new dress. Bikes can be repainted. Use your imagination.

Handmade Soap

Handmade by You

Nothing screams out louder “I love you” than something handmade by you. Not only are you taking the time to make something, but you are also personalising the gift. You can find craft materials secondhand online.

Ideas: make your own natural cosmetics, jewelery box, roll on perfume, bath salts or anything that grabs your attention.

Support Local & Ethical Businesses

So many small family-owned businesses now aim to be sustainable and ethical. For that last-minute gift, visit the local farmers market for a delicious bushfood jam or pot of honey.

Ideas: local jam, honey, personal care products or maybe even your local painter.

Gifts to stimulate both sides of the brain.

Nothing beats the feeling of holding a book.
Reading books is an easy way to look after your mind and body, from building your vocabulary to reducing stress. As Dr Seuss said, Fill your house with stacks of books, in all the crannies and all the nooks. To celebrate this festive season, we have a special offering of Planer Schooling – How to create a permaculture living laboratory in your backyard. Click here!


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