Discover Permaculture Design with Planet Schooling

If you would like to kickstart your home garden, backyard farm, homestead or community garden, this course is for you! Discover Permaculture Design with Planet Schooling. This course is a live, interactive online course with the Planet Schooling crew and visiting Ecocentro IPEC teachers. You are invited to become part of a community that starts […]

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It’s finally happening, Planet Schooling – the book

We are super excited to present Planet Schooling – the book! Planet Schooling is about nature based learning for adults and children alike. Learn along side your child/ren, how to turn your backyard into a permaculture learning laboratory. The book was written for parents who homeschool, families who want to connect the home garden to […]

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Welcome to Planet Schooling

herb spiral

We are excited to launch our new project, Planet Schooling. Our inspiration, our muse, is the Planet Earth. Once again we have been motivated to offer an educational option for aspiring gardeners who want to create a backyard farm, parents who want to homeschool, educators who want to support kids to ‘unschool’, and people who want […]

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