Backyard Farm

Gandhi once said that forgetting how to dig the earth and take care of the ground is the same as forgetting about ourselves. By creating a Backyard Farm you will not only have plentiful organic crops, it will connect you to Planet Earth.

The Stats

Data suggest that more than half (52%) of Australian households are currently growing some of their own food and a further 13% report they intend to start. Yet despite this high percentage of food gardening, yields are relatively low and there is a high turnover of people not continuing their garden. 

On a positive note, statistics show that if you grow food you are less likely to waste food.

If the 4.7 million households that already grow some sort of food, wasted only half as much food as the average household, there is a potential savings of 2 million tons of greenhouse gas emissions.

This will accelerate a positive change in the environment ensuring the continued existence of natural ecosystems. This is a good reason to either start growing food or to continue growing food for the family.

Backyard Farm

Whether you want a Backyard Farm for producing tastier and healthier food, to save money or for the environment, a backyard farm will be good for your mind and soul. 


Our objective is to support you during your process of moving towards a backyard farm.  We will demonstrate through permaculture design and other techniques how to grow more food, save time and money. A positive step for climate change.

Some of our favourite gardening techniques will be showcased like working with raised beds, vertical gardening, container gardening and square foot gardening.

But first things first, we’ll start with the soil.


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