How to art-cycle with nature

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I love upcycling! It saves me money, and I reduce the number of things that go into landfills. I avoid excessive rubbish, and essentially, I won’t consume raw materials that are costing the earth.

Converting waste into funky garden pots

Upcycling boots

Upcycling boots

“Did you know that Australia is the second-highest producer of waste per person in the world at approximately 650 kilograms per person? The average Australian family of four people makes enough rubbish to fill a three-bedroom house from floor to ceiling in one year.” Transpacific Industries Group.

This weeks holiday project is to upcycle anything old, unused or found at charity shops. So look for old steamers, broken toys, beads, string and let your imagination go wild!. 

Encourage kindness, patience and love for all living things. 

The activity is lots of fun and creates an interesting visual impression.

When planting in pots or containers, remember.

  1.  Use a light potting mix. Alternatively, mix garden soil with medium-coarse sand.
  2. If needed, line the strainer, colander or toy with a bit of coco coir (peat) to help hold the soil.
  3. Plant kid-friendly succulents. 
  4. Use wire or chains to hang the pots.

Old kettles, pots and slippers used as pots!

Permie hint: Succulents are perfect for shallow pots due to the small root system of the succulent and don’t require too much watering. Perfect for children. Herbs such as mint and lemon balm are both tasty and child friendly.

HOT BUZZ: Mister Maker shows kids how to make something from nearly nothing.

Author: Laila Helena

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    I love these! What a fantastic idea! 🙂



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