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Permaculture Design & Lifestyle Course

Date: released soon

This 12-week course is an interactive online course for anyone seeking to increase their knowledge in homesteading and permaculture design. It is packed with information, ideas and inspiration for you to learn how to design or re-design a home garden, backyard farm, homestead or community garden to be able to feed you and your family. Moving towards self-reliance and sustainability.

Building Soil with Worms

Date: released soon

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In this week-long online course, you will learn how to partner with nature’s little miracles to make all the natural fertiliser you need for your garden. With the help of worms, you can turn all your kitchen waste into worm casting and worm juice to fertilise and activate the soil in your home garden. This short online course includes a live Q&A online gathering, interactive videos and the eBook – Building Soil with Worms for your home garden.

Why We Are Unique

Our team has over 80 years of combined knowledge. Our journey started over 20 years ago in Brazil when we decided to create an ecological centre called Ecocentro IPEC. We realised the importance of creating an Ecocentre that promoted reachable sustainable solutions as catalysts for change. The centre would serve as an educational hub for technological development and social organisation.

Need help with your homeschooling or Permaculture project?

Here at PLANET SCHOOLING we also offer 1:1 online and in person consultations to help fast track your Permaculture project. We also help homeschoolers and teachers with curriculum connections, with a focus on nature based learning. If you are curious about this service you can schedule a free 15min clarity/discovery call.