How to make a perfumed night garden

With this intense heat, night gardens are making a comeback.  A walk through a garden in the light of the full moon can be magical, cooling and definitely relaxing. The smells that are released by some plants can take you to another realm instantly. Night gardens can become backyard detox zones designed to be appreciated in the moon light. There are many plants that release wonderful perfumes at night making the experience a sensory delight.

Night gardens

When creating a night garden, position the perfumed plants near your window or doorways so that the night breeze will blow the heavenly aromas into your house. Perfumed night gardens can also include flowering plants that either taste great or smell wonderful during the sunniest moments of the day.  Plant lavender, nasturtiums, marigolds, roses and violets together.

  • Plant night flowering shrubs near door entrances, patios or outdoor seating.
  • Add elements that reflect the moon light such as small water features or mirrors.
  • Solar lights can add an element of beauty, playing with the shadows of the bushes and lighting the elegant night flowers.
  • Research the smells to make sure the flowering plants aren’t overpowering each other if concentrated in a small area.
  • Think upwards, train flowering shrubs to climb a trellis.

There are many flowers that open at night. Colour coordinate your garden to suits your needs. Read how colour can change your feelings here.

  • White flowers – Gardenia Augusta, Brugmansia, Moonflower, Tuberose, Night Phlox, Nicotiana, Jasmine, Datura, Angel’s trumpets, Night phlox, Night-scented orchid, Casa Blanca lilies, Evening stock, Foamflower, Mock orange.
  • Yellow flowers – Evening Primrose, Four O’Clocks, Night gladiolus, Night-scented orchid.
  • Pink flowers – Four O’Clocks, Angel’s trumpets, Night phlox, Foamflower, Nicotiana.
  • Purple flowers – Japanese Wisteria, Night Phlox, Four O’Clocks, Night phlox, Evening stock.

flowers for night gardensRoses

In terms of pure fragrance, nothing compares to rose. It’s believed to have originated in both Persia and China. For centuries the rose has been an inspiration to chefs, artists, warriors, and lovers alike.

More than 100,000 roses are required to obtain one litre of essential oil.

Roses contain vitamin C. Ancient Chinese medicine uses the rose to treat digestive disorders and menstrual irregularities. In the kitchen roses can be used in jellies, teas and salads. Red rose tea is delicious. Place rose petals in your favourite tea cup and add boiling water. This tea is fit for a goddess!aphrodite.jpgOriginally, all roses were white. When the goddess of love, Aphrodite, rose out of the sea, white roses covered her naked body. One day she was in the arms of her loving Adonis. She scraped her arm on the thorns of a rose. Her blood dripped onto the white roses and the rose was transformed. The red rose was birthed. 

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