Creating Sacred Space

Nice article by Laila about how a simple step to changing our lives is by creating a habitat, no matter how small. Working with nature is an exciting challenge and we can have a positive impact on our loved ones and the planet. Read Now 🙂

Love and Co.

In the last twenty years there have been many improvements in women’s lives. For example, life expectancy has increased, the number of girls in school and the number of jobs for women. Many countries have introduced laws to protect women’s rights. However, there are still many injustices. Women are half the world’s population and perform two-thirds of all the work, getting to that one-tenth of global income. Women have only one-hundredth of properties, including land (United Nations, 1979).

Today’s life is much more complex. We live in a polluted world, but there is still hope to overcome personal obstacles, including fear, guilt and passivity. We can create spaces to dream and contemplate positive endings.

The best gift you can give to those you love is an organic lifestyle. We can start at home, taking care of the people we love the most.

Creating Habitat With Nature

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A simple…

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