Garden Everything, Everything Gardens

The challenge of creating green spaces for people to escape into what both separates them from the outside world and connects them with their inner self is one that White Rabbit Garden Team embraces. There is an immeasurable amount fantasy, curiosity, and desire of manifestation that is embraced and reinforced by each and every garden that we create. When we garden, we garden as though every garden will live forever.

As Earthlings, our biological journey has been brief. In the supposed 4.6 billion year history of planet Earth,  human imprint has literally changed the face of the Earth. We have moved from continent to continent changing the flow of rivers, moving mountains and creating giant holes in the surface of the planet for the benefit of our species.  And through our behaviours the world is being homogenised, ecosystems are being simplified, diversity is declining, and variety is being lost. The Earth’s creative potential is being put at risk.

We popularly call this time in history the “Information Age” but have we actually created what Don Gayton calls the “era of indifference”; that is, we know, but we don’t really care? There was a time when ecological ignorance could be claimed as an excuse for the damage we do to nature, habitats, and species, but not any longer. With faster technology we literally have the information at our fingertips, but do we care enough to modify any of our lifestyles using that information. As Earthlings, we need to care and now is the time for us to question the paradigm that “humans are the centre of the universe”.

Times of confusion often precede the most surprising discoveries and transformations. The unfolding Ecocentric Ethic is just that. The ecocentric ethic questions what is fundamentally important, what do we as a species cherish and not want to lose? Stan Rowe says that the ecocentric ethic shifts the centre of values away from humans. So the sense of “we are one” is not the collective identity of the crowd that cancels out all selfhood. Nor is it a mystic merger into a single, cosmic self. Instead, it is a network of relationships between people and all living and non-living parts of the Earth. Everything on the earth is connected, each with an identity and integrity.

Much wisdom has been offered to us by the Ngalapal Aboriginal Elders many of who are no longer with us. The action “galtha” is translated as “to go forward to the next beginning”. Every galtha has a history, which we reflect on in deciding the direction for the next step. The deciding and reflecting are collective. To respect the Earth’s creative potential, our journey must start right here, the process of making change must begin within us. We, as Earth beings are capable of manifesting unselfish attitudes and collective actions to nourish the Earths creative potential and for the sustainability of Earthlings to come.

We translate this with simple actions, we garden everything so everything gardens.


The art of taking mundane objections and creating gardens.