Lessons learnt in my permaculture garden

Four months after building my garden I have had many pleasant surprises. My garden is pumping out vegetables and herbs. A bountiful spring harvest! Too many to eat, I have been sharing cucumbers, beans, carrots, radishes, tomatoes, beetroot, eggplant and so many greens with my neighbours and friends. Such abundance! Growing my own food brings me so much satisfaction.

Lesson learnt

In the last months I have learnt a few time management lessons. As a mum, student and small business owner my time is very limited. I have found that if I spend time organising myself with easily accessible hay for mulching, a barrel of natural fertiliser and a supply of seedlings, I could actually just get on with the job of gardening.

My chickens were important for pest control and to process the weeds. They happily ate all the seeds from weeds and helped fertilise the mulch with their poop.

Organising my vertical garden gave me even more space to grow sprawling vegetables. I recycled bicycle wheels and bed posts to create the vertical space.

There are several vegetables for the novice gardener to grow. These vegetables were important to grow to show my small son that gardening could be fun. He planted the seeds and watched his baby plants grow.

Permie tip: Probably the best advice I could give anyone is, grow the things you love to smell, grow the things you love to see and grow the things you love to eat. If you follow these simple tips you will always have a garden pumping out vegetables and herbs.

Grow the things you love, Grow the things you love to smell, Grow the things you love to see, and Grow the things you love to eat!

Check out how I made the raised garden bed here!

My organic garden, watch here.


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Laila Helena is a BHSc Naturopath who has had a lifetime of sustainable living and Permaculture. She teaches people to be self-reliant and live consciously. The possibility of a sustainable planet has inspired her to create a business that works towards this sustainable future.

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