Kids gardening – How to artcycle old pots

I love upcycling! It saves me money and I reduce the amount of things that go into the landfill.  I avoid excessive rubbish and essentially I won’t consume raw materials that are costing the earth.


“Did you know that Australia is the second highest producer of waste per person in the world at approximately 650 kilograms per person. The average Australian family of four people makes enough rubbish in one year to completely fill a three-bedroom house from floor to ceiling” Transpacific Industries Group.

So I decided to upcycle old steamers and strainers that I have come across in op-shops, turning them into fun, colourful hanging pot plants. My son helped me with the beading and planting so he got to practice his fine motor skills and learn to take care of plants. Essentially encouraging kindness, patience and love for all living things. The activity was lots of fun and I really like the visual impression.

My son and I filling the pots 🙂

We first weaved and tied the beads and buttons onto the old steamers and strainers. Then I lined it with wet cardboard. Important – I used colour free cardboard. I then filled the pots with soil and planted my succulents. I used old key ring hoops to connect the pot to the chain.

Permie hint: Succulents are perfect for shallow pots due to the small root system of the succulent and don’t require too much watering.

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bead containers
Steamers and strainers as colourful hanging pot plants.

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Laila Helena is a BHSc Naturopath who has had a lifetime of sustainable living and Permaculture. She teaches people to be self-reliant and live consciously. The possibility of a sustainable planet has inspired her to create a business that works towards this sustainable future.

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