Urban Potatoes Rock!

IMG_3467Now, there is something truly delicious about roasted potatoes with rosemary. It has to be one of my favourite baked dishes 🙂 So naturally I wanted to have the experience of growing my own organic potatoes. Unfortunately potatoes have gained a bit of a bad reputation due to the common habit of deep frying them. However, potatoes are packed with lots of great vitamins and minerals.

Potatoes are a good source of potassium (even more than bananas), vitamins, manganese, phosphorus and niacin.

The famous ‘Gerson Therapy’ use potatoes as dietary fibre and its antioxidant power. “Part of what makes the potato such an excellent component of the Gerson diet is the fact that potatoes are naturally high in potassium and low in sodium – so long as we don’t bring out the salt shaker! Potatoes are actually a better source of potassium than are bananas. This is pivotal for patients with cancer, as Dr. Gerson found that restoring the body’s sodium-potassium balance was critical in restoring the body to health”. Read more about how The Gerson Institute  is curing cancer.

Most of these vitamins and minerals are found just beneath the skin, so cooking them with the skin is ideal.  Potatoes (like tomatoes and eggplant) belong to the nightshade family, which can produce toxic chemicals. However, you can avoid these chemicals by not eating the potato greens, potatoes with a green tinge and by cutting out the potatoes sprouts. Always store your potatoes in a dark cool place to stop them from getting green.

Here is a short video of my first urban potato harvest 🙂

You can also have fun with painting rock as small potatoes.

My son’s small potatoes <3

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Laila Helena is a BHSc Naturopath who has had a lifetime of sustainable living and Permaculture. She teaches people to be self-reliant and live consciously. The possibility of a sustainable planet has inspired her to create a business that works towards this sustainable future.

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