Turn your old barbecue into a seedling table

Have you ever noticed how many barbecue grills are left out on the curb side in your neighbourhood?  So many people leave their old barbecues on their front lawn hoping that someone will take it ‘away’. So naturally when I moved into my house the old tenants left a broken barbecue grill in the backyard. Australia is now one of the most wasteful countries in the developed world and I didn’t really want to participate in the “national habit” of dumping it on the street, so I decided to upcyle it.

First, my mum and son pulled apart the top section. It was just screws and bolts. The excess metal was placed into the recycling bin. Metal is actually highly recyclable, yet the problem comes when metal waste doesn’t find its way into recycling centres and ends up  being thrown away with the rubbish. Sounds obvious, unfortunately in Australia metal is not finding its way to the recycling departments.  Always place metals in the recycling bins. seedling table

I then repurposed the screws.  With minimal drilling,  I turned the old barbecue grill into a seedling table. We attached a single metal bed frame to the back of the seedling table to create a mini vertical growing space.  It’s a really useful piece in the garden and totally fits into our backyard farm challenge.

The seedling table has evolved from a mini greenhouse, mini garden for chives and now succulent garden.

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Author: Laila Helena

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Laila Helena is a BHSc Naturopath who has had a lifetime of sustainable living and Permaculture. She teaches people to be self-reliant and live consciously. The possibility of a sustainable planet has inspired her to create a business that works towards this sustainable future.

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